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Sensory Room Packages

Multi-Sensory Rooms

A quick and easy way to create your Sensory Area with Experia USA's Sensory Room Packages!  
These Sensory Room Packages and Multi-Sensory Rooms have been specifically created to provide off the shelf sensory solutions. Simply pick the package that best suits your requirements.  

- Great ready-made sensory solutions 
- Ideal for those who might not have the time to tailor make their own sensory environment
- Each package is designed by our sensory environment experts
- There is a package to suit any requirement and budget

Sensory Corner Bundle
Sensory Corner
Wireless Outlet Bundle
Wireless Outlet Bundle
Calming Room
Calming Sensory Room
Basic Sensory Room
Premium Sensory Room
Interactive Sensory Room
Superactive Sensory Room
IRiS Wirefree Sensory Room
IRiS Wireless Sensory Room