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Choosing the Right Sensory Lights

Lighting For Your Sensory Room

Sensory lights are at the heart of any sensory room. They provide stunning effects and help to create calming or stimulating environments, promoting interaction and development for users with a wide range of sensory disorders.

By using the correct sensory lighting, you can improve focus and attention whilst creating a fun, relaxing and safe space.

Lighting For Your Sensory Room

Experia USA supply a wide selection of lighting for sensory rooms, so that you can create a custom space which is best suited to your requirements:

Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tube is a key component of creating a fun and engaging sensory experience. Featuring bright and colorful bubbles, these tubes are a great method for developing skillsets such as visual tracking, auditory awareness, cause and effect skills and social interaction.

Bubble tubes can grab the attention of a user with their mesmerizing effects. They have the ability to calm or stimulate those who engage with them due to their moving, color changing bubbles which can soothe and catch the eye and can be used by a range of controllers. A Bubble Tube can be used by anyone of any age or ability. Your tube should be low maintenance and highly durable with infrequent need for changing bulbs. You hear only a faint hum and the soothing sounds of bubbling water… the only noise produced. Bubble tubes can come in both calming and interactive modes, and are available in a range of sizes to suit any need or budget.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics utilize small fiber optic filaments that transmit light without the use of electricity, making them inherently safe.  These filaments are then encased in multiple plastic sleeves, allowing interaction without actually touching the filaments. Our fiber optics can then be cascaded down from the center of your ceiling, be contained in a wall or carpet or even be used to light up a tunnel to encourage movement.

Sensory fiber optic lights create a fabulous visual effect while being tactile and safe to touch. Calming or interactive fiber optics appeal to all ages and abilities, including those with sensory disorders such as autism. Experia USA's Sensory Fiber Optic light sources are now made in the USA using the latest LED technology. This means bright, vibrant colors and no need to change lamps!

Projectors and Mirror Balls

Whether you need to awaken your most withdrawn individuals or add more visual stimulation to your space, a sensory light projector from Experia USA offers the perfect solution. Featuring a rotator and image wheel, our projectors can show imagery on walls, floors or ceilings to calm or stimulate users.

Projectors can be used to prompt discussion and help with themed storytelling. They provide an element of movement to your sensory room, and can be changed regularly to keep the space interesting. In addition, a mirror ball can be used as a relatively low-cost way to add some pizzazz to your sensory room, creating stunning effects at a minimal cost.

Sensory Light Toys

Sensory Light Toys help users to interact with their environment in a safe and fun way. Each sensory toy provides a different benefit to its user; you could offer a more tactile experience with our range of fiber optic jellyfish, or work to develop vestibular, audio and visual senses by including our Sensory Hopscotch Panel.

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choosing the right sensory lighting- sensory light toys

Sensory room lights  can also be projected onto walls, floors, ceilings and mirrors to create stunning effects, improving orientation through visual stimulation. It is important to note that too much lighting can have a negative effect and over stimulate individuals. When creating your sensory room, this should be considered to provide the optimal sensory experience.

Experia USA have a knowledgeable and informed team who are dedicated to providing the best possible sensory environment for your needs. If you require any further information on our wide range of sensory lighting products, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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