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What Is a Sensory Corner?

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Having a sensory corner can immerse people of all ages into a full sensory experience, helping those with various abilities in a myriad of ways. From a single sensory product to a full sensory room, multisensory experiences can be developmentally crucial and help those of all ages.

What Is a Sensory Corner?

A sensory corner is a corner of a room that has been transformed into a sensory experience. Individuals can escape to the corner and have a fun and comforting space. They are typically designed to either calm or stimulate a user, but they can also be used to support the development of vital skills, such as communication and sensory-motor integration.

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Benefits of a Sensory Corner

Whether you are looking to introduce some sensory corner ideas at home, at a school or in a public space, they have many benefits for both users and those setting them up. 

Minimal space required

You don’t have to create a full sensory bedroom or living room to achieve a sensory environment. A sensory corner can be placed in any room, and you can still define the space by hanging some netting from the ceiling or using a curtain. 

This is really useful in schools because having a sensory corner can help pupils refocus and self-regulate whilst remaining in the classroom.


Sensory corners are ideal if you’re on a budget because you don’t need as many products as you would to fill an entire room. This also means you can focus your budget on one larger item and supplement it with smaller sensory products.

Ideal for individuals

Sensory rooms are often shared between multiple users. While this is great for encouraging social interaction and promoting values like sharing amicably, a sensory corner is a more intimate sensory space.

Creating a safe space

Sensory corners in homes or classrooms can create a space where users can go to process their thoughts and emotions, or distract themselves from sensory overload. This makes the sensory corner a safe space where they can do whatever they need to feel better while having some privacy.

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Sensory Corner Ideas

If you are looking to create your own sensory corner, it’s a good idea to plan out what you want to achieve and which senses you want to stimulate. A multisensory experience can create the most engaging space.

Some of our favorite additions to sensory corners include:

Bubble tubes, which encourage visual development while producing a quiet bubbling noise. For those with sensory disorders, a bubble tube can encourage visual development and communication skills. 

Textile products, which can relax and calm the individual holding them, providing tactile stimulation. These can also come with multisensory options, including fiber optics and vibration.

Fiber opticsfiber optics are a touch-safe light option, perfect for a smaller space and suitable for people of all ages. They won’t get hot and there is no electricity in the strands, making them completely safe to use. 

Alternative seating – some people with disabilities like ADHD find that alternative seating options, such as wobble stools, hammocks or beanbags provide greater sensory input than a stool or seat. 

Fidget toys – fidget toys can help boost users’ mood and engagement, and they take up very little space in a sensory corner. Why not fill a tray with fidget toys so users can pick one they like?

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Sensory Corner Ideas at Home

Our Fiber Optic Softie comes with fiber optic strands over a comfortable beanbag and is perfect for relaxing.

Something as small as a vibrating sensory cushion can greatly impact individuals enjoying the sensory corner. Having one or two of these cushions in your sensory corner can help with anxiety and allow users of the corner to refocus.

Our Perfect Petzzz are lifelike, huggable, and even breathe like real pets, with different dog and cat breeds available.

The vibro-acoustic platform is perfect for sitting or lying down and feeling music and vibrations through the body.

There are also plenty of budget at-home sensory corner ideas that you can do for cheap or free, like creating a tactile sensory bin out of craft supplies or making your own sensory slime.

Sensory Corner Ideas for Schools

Our Corner Shower can help distinguish a sensory corner from the rest of the room while bathing the area in colorful light. We also have a dropped-ceiling version which is ideal for schools. 

The Sensory Cocoon is a premade bundle that includes a bubble tube, platform and cascade of fiber optic strands. You can choose between calming and superactive models depending on your preferences.

A portable bubble tube corner is perfect if you can’t commit to a permanent sensory corner, allowing you to easily transform a small space into a sensory haven!

Check out our previous post to find the best calming sensory lighting options for your sensory corner.

If you’re unsure how to design a sensory corner yourself, we have created a sensory corner bundle that has everything you need to turn any corner into a sensory space. With visual, auditory and tactile stimulation and an optional aromatherapy bonus bundle, our sensory corner bundle can meet almost any need.

For more information, or if you’re not sure how to fit a sensory corner into your available space, please contact our friendly team today for expert advice. To find more sensory tips and tricks, see the rest of our blog.