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What is a Sensory Corner?

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Having a sensory environment can really immerse people of all ages into a full sensory experience, helping those with various abilities. Anything from a single sensory product, a full sensory room, or a sensory corner can provide this experience.

A sensory corner is a corner of a room that has been transformed into a sensory experience for individuals to enjoy. Individuals can escape to the corner and have a space that is both fun and comforting. Having an area like this is great in a situation where you don’t have enough space to transform a whole room into a sensory area, as you can still provide a whole range of sensory experiences in just one corner.




Benefits of a Sensory Corner

This is particularly beneficial if you are looking to introduce a sensory space into your home - you don’t have to sacrifice a whole bedroom or living room to achieve a sensory environment. Equally, dedicating a corner to a sensory experience can be great in a school that perhaps has corners of a classroom that nobody uses. Why not make use of the forgotten space and create a sensory corner that pupils can escape to without leaving the classroom. You can still define this space by hanging some netting from the ceiling, or creating some sort of curtain/ Having a space like this helps pupils to refocus whilst remaining in the classroom.

Choosing to have a sensory corner instead of a full sensory room not only has spatial benefits, but can also save you money as you don’t have to buy many products to kit out a large area. Additionally, having a small sensory corner provides a more intimate sensory space than is achieved with a larger multi-sensory space.

Sensory Corner Ideas

If you are looking to create your own sensory corner and choose your own sensory products, it’s a good idea to plan out what you are looking to achieve and which senses you want to tickle. If you’re looking for a full sensory experience, it’s best to think of products that target and exercise different senses.

Mesmerising bubble tubes are a great product for capturing the attention of individuals and evoking a sense of calm. For those with sensory disorders, a bubble tube can encourage visual development and communication skills.

Introducing some textile and dexterity products is a great way of encouraging individuals to interact with the sensory corner. Something as small as a Vibrating Sensory Cushion can have a huge impact on individuals enjoying the sensory corner. The sensation provided by these cushions helps to relax and calm the individual holding it. Having one or two of these cushions in your sensory corner can help with anxiety and allow users of the corner to refocus.

Alternatively, you can keep the sensory corner simple and add a Sensory Corner Shower. This fibre optic product is perfect for a smaller space and is suitable for people of all ages. You can choose from various models and decide whether you would like a corner shower that is stimulating or relaxing. You could even combine this with bubble tubes to create a sensory cocoon.

Creating a sensory corner needn’t be a tricky task. In fact, you can purchase sensory corner bundles that provide a range of sensory experiences in one package.

Keep up to date with our blog for lots of tips on creating different sensory spaces. If you would like any help in creating your own sensory corner, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable team.



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