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6 Lightweight and Portable Sensory Tools


Bigger is better, right? Well, not always. Looking for lightweight or portable sensory tools or sensory equipment? Lamps, bubble tubes, fiber optics and other sensory items can be used for smaller areas or when moving from client to client as well as for setting up a small office sensory corner. You might want to set up a small sensory space in a closet or you may be considering a quiet area to relax. You can also use lightweight equipment if you work in a school or nursing facility and need to provide mini sensory sessions and want to move your equipment from room to room. Here are our top 6 picks for choosing the best of our portable sensory tools!

  1. Mini Led Bubble Tube: One of our favorite bubble tubes, the mini LED is just the right size to stay put or move. Bubble tubes provide a mesmerizing effect and encourage visual tracking. They are often the go to piece when only piece of equipment is purchased. Use them in a darkened room for a soothing and calming effect. They can be placed center or in a corner to entice even your most withdrawn individual.
    Green, orange, purple, and red Bright LED Seats in half moon shape are wonderful portable sensory tools. Bright LED Seats in half moon shape are wonderful portable sensory tools.
  2. Bright LED Seat: This is one of newest items but a favorite already as it works as a seat or a hands on geometric figure, providing a soft LED light that is engaging and yet soothing. Kids can sit right on the cube or circle or kneel next to it for a touch and see experience. Their shape encourages spatial awareness and their colors are so beautiful who would not want one in the bedroom or sensory space?
  3. Sensory Switches: Switches are easy to transport and work with most any interactive device. Switches encourage a cause and effect response with the individual instigating the effect. Use a sensory switch to change colors, turn on and off or alter the look of a room. We have a colored switch for every need and effect. Their low profiles make them easy for anyone to use.
  4. Sensory Backpack: Why just get one item when you get an entire sensory room kit in one backpack? If you don’t want to do the planning but prefer to do the treating, then the sensory backpack is your go to solution for providing a sensory room. Chock full of sensory equipment and the tools you need for just about any client from toddler to senior.
  5. Interactive LED Fiber Optic Bundle: We love the impact of fiber optics. They can be placed across a client’s lap and placed right into their hands for a full light show and tactile experience. Their color changing properties make them a favorite and they are light enough to take with you on the go! Individuals can make the fiber optics change by pressing the colored buttons.
    Experia's Essential oil kit contains a diffuser and 7 essential oils. They are great for portable sensory Oil diffusers are a wonderful way to reduce stress.

    Its calming mode with slowly changing colors can be used for relaxation or calming for individuals with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Autism, ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder

  6. Aroma Starter Kit: It’s the unseen benefit of a sensory room, the aroma. Using a diffuser and essential oils to calm and engage is nothing new. With 8 different oils for alerting, calming, engaging and soothing, you can create the effect specific for your clients in a permanent location or on the go!

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