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  • Wireless charging for Interactive Controllers

    Superactive Bubble Tubes now have Qi charging allowing them to charge without being plugged in. This wireless charging saves time and money. To Qi or not to Qi......that is the question.  Wait.....what?  What is Qi? Qi (pronounced "Chee") is a wireless inductive charging system, transferring electricity into a device without...
  • 3 Sensory Differences You Must Understand

    It’s all a bit confusing when it comes to sensory differences or sensory processing disorder. Unless you’re an occupational therapist, you might find yourself scratching your head when you hear terms like sensory seeker, sensory avoider or sensory under responder. In general the terms are interchanged quite a bit, but sensory integration disorder can be summed up as a sensory processing challenge. Our five senses: taste, touch, sound, sight and smell as well as our sense of body awareness and our sense of motion work to help us understand our environment. For some individuals (aka neuro typical individuals) that process is quite efficient. And for others, well, not so efficient.

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  • 9 Easy Sensory Solutions

    Balance beams are a great sensory solutions that develop body awareness, help with development and prepare kids for a lifelong healthy body. Balance beams are a great sensory solution that develop body awareness, help with development, and prepare kids for a lifelong healthy body.

    Choosing Sensory Solutions

    We all have sensory needs and it is helpful to find sensory solutions. Babies are born with sensory needs. Sometimes they figure them out on their own, and sometimes we, as adults, have to help them out a bit. As parents, we become in tune with our babies sensory needs, but as they grow, we are not as keenly aware. Often enough we will see their sensory cravings through inappropriate social behaviors such as nail biting, banging, pushing, pinching, and shoving, or in children with autism we might see behaviors such as rocking or hand flapping.

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