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sensory integration

  • The Five Senses and Motor Integration

    The five senses and motor Integration (sensory-motor integration) are at the core of how we learn and the motivation behind exploring our environment. We often tend to separate the way we view the body into segments. For example, one may look at a limb that has been injured or an organ that needs medication; but the body works as a complex system that depends on all of its parts to function optimally and in sync with the other areas of the body.

    Our sensory system and motor system are no different. We cannot treat, for example, a broken leg without considering the sensory needs of the individual. The motor system is not just a motor system but also a sensory system, and our sensory system is not just a sensory system, but also a motor system. This works to our advantage. If I want a motor response, I can often get one through sensory stimulation and if I’d like to adjust the sensory system, I may be able to do so through a motor activity.

    So, let’s take a look at how we can integrate these two systems to support one another.

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  • What is Sensory and Motor Integration?


    What is sensory integration?

    Sensory integration refers to the process of receiving information through our senses, and organising this information. Sensory motor integration is the relationship between these sensory skills and the motor system. Both the sensory and motor systems are integrated, with the systems communicating and coordinating with each other. This works to allow individuals to be able to take in sensory information and interpret it to make a relevant motor action.

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