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Portable LED Bubble Tube


The Portable LED Bubble Tube is perfect for home use. Lightweight and cost effective the user can also travel easily with the Portable LED Bubble Tube!


Watch and listen to the soothing sound of rising bubbles in the Portable LED Bubble Tube as you are lulled to sleep. This cost-effective, portable bubble tube is perfect in a bedroom or lounging area at home. Its slowly changing colors and rising bubbles relax and calm, making it particularly helpful for those who need some soothing prior to sleep.

The portable bubble tube was designed to be easily transported from place to place, and can be easily emptied into a basin.  It is NOT intended as a permanent bubble tube in a dedicated sensory room, and is not compatible in size with our bubble tube bracket or platforms.  It will fit inside the platform, but only about 24" of the column will be visible above it.  We recommend our full-size bubble tubes be used with Experia USA bubble tube platforms.

Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

Bubble tubes have many benefits, including calming properties for sensory processing conditions such as ADHD and many more . To maintain your bubble tube, read our blog post for tips.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+


Tube: 40" H x 4" diameter

Tube base: 12" diameter x 3¼" H

SKU: 020007

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