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Bubble Tubes for ADHD

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Who doesn’t love a bubble tube? Those eye catching tubes with the colorful bubbles floating to the top. Bubble tubes draw attention and can be highly beneficial for those with ADHD and similar attention deficits. They are a key component in a sensory room but can also be used in a bedroom, office, waiting room, classroom or clinic.

Bubble tubes have the ability to calm or stimulate and encourage interaction. There is something so compelling about a bubble tube! More often than not, it is the center of a multisensory room experience. 


What Does A Bubble Tube Do?

A bubble tube creates constantly moving, color changing bubbles that both sooth and catch the eye. It cycles through colors on its own, or the colors can be selected with a controller depending on the model.  Often a bubble tube will calm the viewer while also encouraging attention, so using it as a sensory tool for ADHD can provide an experience of engaged focus and concentration. 

How Does A Bubble Tube Encourage Interaction?

child using bubble tube

Many bubble tubes can be used by a range of controllers (like a wireless IRiS Talker). This enables individuals to turn bubbles on and off change the colors. The environment can then become more calming or stimulating. But the best part is that the control is in the hands of the user.

How Does A Bubble Tube Work?

Air is pumped up through the water-filled tube creating tons of beautiful shimmering bubbles. While the bubbles rise up through the tube the light continuously changes color. The resultant effect is calming and attention grabbing. This helps promote visual stimulation and the faint vibration of the tube encourages touch. 

Who Can Benefit From A Bubble Tube?

Just about anyone can benefit from a sensory bubble tube. When used in combination with a multisensory environment, a bubble tube can assist those with sensory challenges such as sensory integration disorder, autism, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD, for example, to become more engaged, focused, and oriented. 

Bubble Tube Varieties

bubble tubes

Those with sensory needs can benefit from a Calming, Superactive (wirelessly controlled), IRiS (wirelessly controlled), or Touch Sensitive bubble tube. Movable options like the portable bubble tube is also available for smaller spaces and caregivers on the go. You can enhance the bubble tube experience with the use of mirrors and soft platforms. Mirrors will create the illusion of multiple tubes and amplify the experience while curved or square platforms provide a comfortable yet secure reach. If you have limited floor space, you can also try a bubble wall that provides the same sensation in a flat, wall-mounted design. These are wonderful for providing boundaries as well.

Why You Must Have A Bubble Tube

“Wow”, “Oh”, and “Ah” are just a few of the sounds you might hear from someone who walks into a room where a bubble column or tube is displayed. They encourage touch, talk, and motion. They also encourage focus and attention. The eyes and sight are one of the primary senses, and visual stimulation offers a phenomenal filter for processing, organizing, and modulating sensory stimulation. Offer a warm welcome to your clients and a place to get “centered”!


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