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What Makes Bubbles Tubes Sensory?


What is a Bubble Tube?

Bubble tubes are a key piece of sensory equipment that play a vital role in sensory development and feature in a wide number of sensory rooms or environments. Bubble tubes create constantly moving color changing bubbles which can both sooth ad catch the eye. We have a range of controllers – these are our iRiS Talkers.

Bubble tubes have a special ability to be both attention grabbing and mesmerizing, but also calming and soothing. Sufferers of a variety of sensory disorders can benefit from a bubble tube as they are a great way to encourage visual development and communication skills.

How Do Bubble Tubes Work?

Water is pumped around a tube while a light at the bottom is constantly changing color. Air is blown into the tube making bubbles shimmers and flicker. This results in a calming effect which also draws the attention of the user. This effect helps promote visual stimulation and encourages touch through the faint vibration.

The Sensory Benefits of Bubble Tubes

At Experia, we have built up a lot of knowledge and information when it comes to our range of sensory products and providing the right solutions. Alongside this, we work with Occupational Therapists who help us get a better understanding of sensory needs and what works for which bubble-tubeconditions.

Here is what Occupational therapist Jess Brown has to say about bubble tubes and their sensory benefits:

Using a sensory room environment is a great way to engage and interact with your audience you are working with and including a bubble tube into your sensory environment can be very beneficial for this. Our calming, interactive, and IRiS bubble tubes have a diverse use and can be used in almost any environment with almost any user. They can be used in homes, schools, and care homes by users of any age and ability, as they can be used by a range of controllers (ex. our IRiS Talker products).

Whether you are using a bubble tube in a school, at home or in a care home, it has the same beneficial uses across these environments. You can sit next to the bubble tube which provides a great visual effect to help calm and relax, or engage and motivate. They have the ability to encourage interaction, attention, visual development and communication skills. Furthermore, bubble tubes are interactive and can encourage and help with learning, such as color recognition, cause and effect, story-telling and theming, and development of choice.

At Experia, we are experts when it comes to bubble tubes. We have built up a great knowledge base on how to create a sensory environment for a range of needs and conditions. If you need more information about the sensory benefits of bubble tubes then please get in touch with us today.

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