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What is Quality vs Economy Equipment

It's quite simple. If you’re looking for equipment for your home, school, child, parent or family member, you just Google it. But what a consumer may not realize is whether they are getting a quality or not-so-quality made product. Will it last? Will it do what I need it to do? Has it been safety tested? Whether you are shopping for ball pits, swing equipment or sensory room equipment, you may want to do some investigating before you purchase. Here are 5 tips to help you make a smart decision about your special needs equipment choices.

  1. Reviews: Read the reviews. Most companies post reviews and reviews are a great tool for helping you make a wise decision. The review can give you a bit more information than just the copy or even a video. Products with multiple reviews are more reliable than an item with just one or 2 reviews. Look at the star ratings and read the best and the worst to get an idea of what the product may or may not do for you.
  2. View and Learn: Look for a video or check out YouTube. A video can show you up close some additional features such as materials, tips and tricks and how the item is used. You can also Google similar items on you tube to get an idea of how you may actually use your item.
  3. Warranty and Price: Though price is often a factor, the warranty and the company standing behind the item they sell can be even more important. Most items have a 30-day warranty but many quality items have a 90-day or even a year. And if it does break or need repair, how can they assist you? Do shop around but don’t’ hesitate to call up a company and inquire about their pricing, warranty and customer service.
  4. Materials: What is your item made from? Some materials are simply more durable than others but it really depends on what you are buying. Do a little research to see what you are getting.  Quality equipment uses materials that are made to last or maintain their size. If you are purchasing an inflatable item, you can be sure at some point it will need repair. That doesn’t mean it is not worth the value, but it will not last forever. Glass items can break and should be handled with care. PVC can last for years but is responsive to hot and cold.
  5. Social Media: Use Facebook, Pinterest or other forms of social media to inquire both about the company and what you are looking to purchase to ensure it is a quality product. You can get some great feedback from friends that you trust by posing a few questions.

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