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IRiS LED Bubble Tube


Our unique IRiS LED Bubble Tube uses a unique wireless Interactive Reward System (IRiS) to enable control of the sensory environment by everyone!


IRiS LED Bubble Tube 

Our wireless Interactive Reward System (IRiS) combines a multitude of wireless controllers ("Talkers") which control any of our IRiS products ("Listeners") -- like this IRiS LED Bubble Tube.  Each controller has been specifically designed for special needs to improve skills such as color recognition, gross and fine motor skills, cause and effect skills, and more! 

A continuous flow of bubbles rises steadily up the IRiS LED Bubble Tube while the individual controls the bubble tube's color using any of the IRiS Talkers (sold separately - CLICK HERE).

Ideal for relaxation or stimulation, this LED bubble tube offers many benefits to users of all ages and abilities such as those with Autism, sensory processing disorder, or multiple and profound disabilities.

You can also add an aquarium-like experience by adding our swimming fish to your purchase for a nominal amount.  This will add an engaging visual tracking workout to the bubble tube experience.

The IRiS LED Bubble Tube operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v DC outlet. For tubes 60" and over we recommend the use of our bubble tube bracket to ensure stability.

*This product does not include an IRiS talker.


40": 0100131
60": 0100132
80": 0100133

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