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Bubble Tubes

Experia's Bubble Tubes have been developed over a number of years of extensive research and development and are now, without doubt, the best bubble tubes on the world market.

All Experia's bubble tubes are illuminated using the very latest LED technology to ensure the color of the tube is always bright and crisp. Unlike bulbs, LEDs never need changing, in fact, if Experia's bubble tubes were switched on for 40 hours a week, the LED would last over 24 years!

All bubble tubes feature a stylish curved base and a clear domed lid to allow rippling light to shine onto a ceiling above the tube creating another effect. Experia USA have also worked hard to ensure that their bubble tubes are the quietest available in the world.... the only noise you will hear is the gentle sound of bubbling water!

LED Bubble Tube
Small LED Bubble Tube
Wireless Outlet Bundle
Wireless Outlet Bundle
Calming LED Bubble Tube
Calming LED Bubble Tube
Interactive Bubble Tube Corner
Interactive Bubble Tube Corner
Superactive Bubble Tube - includes 9 way wireless controller
Superactive LED Bubble Tube
Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube
Touch Sensitive Bubble Tube
IRiS LED Bubble Tube
IRiS LED Bubble Tube
Colour Recognition
IRiS Color Recognition Bundle
IRiS LED Bubble Tube & wireless IRiS Qube
IRiS LED Bubble Tube Bundle
Switching Skills
Switching Skills Bundle
Sensory Portare - Wireless - Interactive
Interactive Sensory Portare
Bubble Tube Corner – Calming
Portable Bubble Tube Corner
Portable Sensory Corner – Calming
Portable Sensory Corner