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5 Key Pieces of Portable Sensory Equipment

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Sensory rooms can work wonders for people who face sensory challenges. But, sometimes, you need access to these sensory tools on-the-go. So, that's why Experia USA has put together a core collection of portable sensory equipment. Aromatherapy, bubble tubes, vibrating cushions, and other sensory travel tools can be used when moving from client to client or when traveling with a child who has specific sensory needs. Mobile tools are also perfect for setting up a small sensory corner or for any small sensory space. Lightweight, portable sensory equipment is also ideal if you work in a school or nursing facility. You can move your equipment from room to room whenever you need to provide mini sensory sessions. By investing in key pieces of mobile sensory equipment, you can essentially create your own portable sensory room, and reap the benefits of a full sensory room wherever you go! Whatever your portable sensory needs, here are our top five picks of the very best pieces of portable sensory equipment;

Key Pieces of Portable Sensory Equipment

#1 - Portable LED Bubble Tube:

One of our favorite small bubble tubes, the Portable, is just the right size to stay with you on the move. As bubble tubes are one of the most popular pieces of sensory equipment, it's convenient and reassuring to have a portable model on hand. In fact, bubble tubes are often the go-to piece when only one piece of equipment is purchased, and with all the sensory benefits they provide, it's easy to see why.

  • Bubble tubes provide a mesmerizing effect.
  • Their moving bubbles and changing colors are both captivating and calming.
  • They encourage visual tracking and help to improve visual development and color recognition.

As a key piece of equipment, having a portable bubble tube should prove useful when moving between clients. By placing the bubble tube in the center or a corner, you can entice even your most withdrawn individual. If you're a family looking to vacation, a sensory travel tool like the Portable LED Bubble Tube can help children with sensory challenges. Use the bubble tool in a darkened room, like the bedroom, to help soothe, calm, and reduce restlessness.

#2 - Perfect Petzzz:

The perfect cuddle companion without the work of a real pet, Perfect Petzzz boast 100% synthetic fur, a realistic breathing feature, and the ability to travel with you wherever you go! These neat toys provide all the relaxation and stress-relieving benefits of a real therapy animal, particularly perfect for those with sensory processing disorder. Their soft, lifelike fur and durability make them perfect for cuddling and relieving feelings of anxiety. Perfect Petzzz make the perfect piece of calming sensory travel equipment. They are especially ideal for children with sensory challenges and can accompany them comfortably on any journey or vacation.

#3 -Sensory Backpack:

Our sensory backpack makes the ultimate go-to sensory travel piece. It comes fully packed with the makings of an entirely portable sensory room! If you want to leave the planning to us, then the sensory backpack is your go-to solution for providing a sensory room experience on the go. You can expect a variety of different equipment in our sensory backpacks, focusing on developing the different senses, stimulating the brain and calming the mind. These backpacks are chock full of portable sensory equipment. They're ideal for anybody who needs to travel from client to client, filled with mobile sensory tools that you can use with just about any client from toddlers to seniors. Our sensory backpacks also work well for families who are traveling or vacationing with a family member who experiences sensory challenges.

#4 -Vibrating Sensory Cushions

Another fantastic piece of portable sensory equipment is our vibrating sensory cushions. They are therapeutic and provide the user with a gentle vibrating sensation, which both calms and soothes. Perfect for those who suffer from anxious feelings or who struggle to focus and sit still. Better yet, these cushions offer you versatility. You have the option of inserting a weighted pack, a heated pack, or a cold pack to provide further benefits for sensory seekers. Vibrating sensory cushions can be brought on the move, too. They can offer support to those who need it at home, at school, in restaurants, in libraries, while travelling and more.

#5 -Aroma Starter Kit:

The aroma is the unseen benefit of a sensory room, and therefore can be often overlooked. Using a diffuser and essential oils to calm and engage is nothing new, but it is incredibly effective. Essential oils can offer many benefits for individuals with sensory challenges. The key benefit is stress reduction, which, in turn, can lead to falling anxiety levels and regulation of hyperactivity. Our aroma starter kit is ideal for anybody who is beginning to explore the effect of scent for sensory stimulation. It's also a great piece of portable sensory equipment, with everything you'll need stored in a protective, easy-to-carry box. The kit comes with eight different oils for alerting, calming, engaging, and soothing so that you can create the desired effect for any of your clients with this handy portable aroma starter kit.

Looking for extra ideas for portable sensory equipment? Check out our blog for more sensory solutions on the go, as well as a bunch of other sensory resources. If you need any further assistance setting up either a permanent sensory room or a portable sensory experience, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team of experts at Experia USA, and we'll gladly assist you!

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