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These are blogs that help someone to build a sensory room
  • Sensory Solutions for Your Sensory Seeker


    Have a monkey on your hands? Kid climbing the walls? Adult who can't stay still? You may have a sensory seeker! Sensory seekers tend to crave sensory input and when their system is not getting enough you will find them touching, jumping, pushing biting, flapping, or talking excessively. Sensory seeking is not limited to children. . Adults can be sensory seekers craving weight, pressure, chewing (sometimes leading to smoking or eating disorders), and movement. Sensory seekers may appear fidgety or have a hard time being still. Creating a space for them to “center,” relax and receive the much needed but appropriate sensory input can enable the to function without causing disturbance or harm.

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  • What Is A Bubble Tube?

    Bubble Tube Maintenance

    What Is a Bubble Tube?

    When it comes to a sensory environment, a whole host of apparatuses are needed in order to create an area that is stimulating or calming (depending on the individual requirements of the user). One of the items found in many of these sensory rooms and environments is a bubble tube. Continue reading

  • Autism and Our Workforce

    Understanding Autism and our workforce will be essential Understanding Autism and our workforce will be essential in accommodating the population of adults with Autism that continues to increase. It will behoove us to understand this unique segment of the workforce not only to accommodate their needs, but also to open our minds and hearts to perhaps a new and yet different work environment that benefits everyone. From adapting social experiences to providing a sensory savvy workspace, we can all grow and learn to be better employers and employees. Let's take a look at some suggestions for making your office space Autism friendly.

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  • Benefits of Environmental Control

    Experia's Environmental Control Unit. The Iris is wireless and a wonderful tool for your sensory room. Experia's Environmental Control Unit. The Iris is wireless and a wonderful tool for your sensory room.

    Providing environmental control in your sensory room, office, playroom or bedroom can make an ordinary space come alive. Did you ever stop to realize the number of times you flip on a switch, click on an email, turn on a light or ignite an engine? Each time you touch a button or a switch you are creating an effect, you are being the instigator. Environmental control switches and devices put an individual in control of his or her environment. And of those with limited abilities or neurological challenges such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Autism, Executive Functioning Disorder or Sensory integration disorder, that is quite powerful not to mention therapeutic. Being in control of the external environment can release endorphins and stimulate dopamine receptors much like you might get from exercising. But there are many benefits to setting up an environment with control switches. Let's take a look at some of those key benefits.

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  • Make Mother’s Day Sensory Savvy


    Great tips to for a sensory savvy Mother's day. It’s a day of gratitude and a mix of emotions. Mother’s Day is filled with gifts, cards and sweet thoughts about Mom. For who else cares and worries about us 24/7 since the day we were born? Mom. Whether your mom is a senior citizen or you are the mom, making mother’s day enjoyable for everyone is the point. Being a mother is a privileged, so instead of expecting the perfect gift, lets take a look at how to enjoy the day with those you love and that includes your sensory needy children. If you’re a dad or a significant other, then you might like these tips for making mother’s day sensory savvy for everyone.

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  • 9 Easy Sensory Solutions

    Balance beams are a great sensory solutions that develop body awareness, help with development and prepare kids for a lifelong healthy body. Balance beams are a great sensory solution that develop body awareness, help with development, and prepare kids for a lifelong healthy body.

    Choosing Sensory Solutions

    We all have sensory needs and it is helpful to find sensory solutions. Babies are born with sensory needs. Sometimes they figure them out on their own, and sometimes we, as adults, have to help them out a bit. As parents, we become in tune with our babies sensory needs, but as they grow, we are not as keenly aware. Often enough we will see their sensory cravings through inappropriate social behaviors such as nail biting, banging, pushing, pinching, and shoving, or in children with autism we might see behaviors such as rocking or hand flapping.

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