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Creating a Sensory Soft Play Room

sensory soft play equipmentMAKING A SOFT SENSORY ROOM

Creating a soft sensory room can engage users by providing space to engage with their environment and react to its stimuli. This is especially important for young children, allowing them to "use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength." Soft play rooms should be soft by nature so that the user can feel as if they are in a comfortable, safe space where they can focus on playing, interacting and learning.

Considerations when designing your Sensory Soft Play Room

Finding the right panels, flooring, platforms, and matting is a key part of creating the desired environment, which should be both soft and welcoming for its users. We suggest implementing white furniture, which is typically used to provide a warm, soothing room suited for relaxation and de-stressing. However, this idea of “softness” should also permeate from the type of equipment you choose to include in your room.

  • Interactive Wall Panels can be situated along your walls to quantify and control the space, as they are often large enough to act as borders. However, they also use the space efficiently and provide a soft means of touch interaction. When picking your Interactive Wall Panels, you are able to choose from either touch panels, sound panels or a combination of both.
  • Flooring is a very important part of creating an effective sensory soft play room. Your flooring should be soft so that everyone can sit and relax on it, a key part of the sensory room experience. This can be grounding and helps users to feel safe and comfortable. We recommend that all users take off their shoes including any facilitators or supervisors. This adds to the experience, whilst keeping the room clean and preventing damage.

The floor can also include a selection of cushions, plinths, interactive qualities or platforms. These will encourage engagement with the user’s environment and create a more immersive, fun environment which will improve the mood of the user.


Products to Include in Your Sensory Soft Play Space

  • Motor Skill Equipment such as balance beamstunnels, and balance boards can be very beneficial to the user’s development. Some individuals may be unsure at first, but the inclusion of motor items will help to encourage them to become more active and improve their gross motor skills, whilst still being in a safe and protected environment.


  • Bubble Tubes are always a fantastic addition to any sensory environment, and are definitely one of our personal favorites! Calm, stimulate and engage users with captivating effects that can benefit a wide range of sensory disorders. Consider the Interactive LED Bubble Tube Corner, which comes complete with a padded platform and mirrors to maximize its impact.


  • We always recommend the inclusion of a projector in any multisensory room. They are fantastic for story-telling and theming, helping you to create an immersive and fun area that is perfect for sensory soft play. Keep the environment interesting by switching through our range of effects wheels.


  • Other Accessories such as the Soft IRiS Jet Stream can help to create a personalized environment. This device can create the sensation of wind and is used for sensory processing as well as improving attention and awareness. This can be used in conjunction with the iRiS Soft Switch, which can also help to develop gross motor skills and interaction.


Need Some Help?

Experia USA has a fantastic team of sensory experts who are happy to advise you on the best ways to create or add to your very own sensory soft play room. Speak to a member of our friendly team today by phoning 1-800-882-4045, or fill out one of our online contact forms. We look forward to hearing from you!




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