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How to Maintain Your Sensory Room

sensory room maintenance

Maintaining your sensory room is an important part of providing a safe and engaging user experience. It offers an opportunity to check how well your equipment is functioning, and you can also fix any issues before they become a problem.

Well-designed sensory room equipment can make your maintenance a quick process, however, checks should still be performed on a regular basis.


What do I need to check in my sensory room?

  1. Outlet cables

Checking for any visible outlet cables is something you should always do before using your sensory room. Any cables should be placed in trunking to protect and secure them, and they shouldn’t cross paths with users as they navigate their environment.

  1. Check that all wall-mounted equipment is secure

Wall-mounted products such as our Maxi Bubble Mirror should also be checked as part of your sensory room maintenance. This is an important part of protecting users, especially in spaces designed to be safe for them to explore. We recommend that you routinely check any wall-mounted equipment and ensure their fixings can withstand regular and heavy-handed use.

  1. Check that all ceiling-mounted products are secure.

Sensory room equipment can come in many shapes and sizes, and some products like our sensory corner shower can be attached to the ceiling.

This type of equipment is great for creating immersive and captivating effects, and it can really add to the atmosphere you’re trying to create. However, checking it remains secure is an important part of your sensory room maintenance.

  1. Bubble Tube Brackets

Bubble tube brackets can prevent your bubble tube from toppling over by attaching it safely and securely to the wall. Despite the sturdy design of our brackets, we would always recommend you check them if your tube begins to wobble. This can happen with regular use or if they’re rocked backward and forward repeatedly.

  1. Check that there are no damaged products

Whether it’s a sharp edge or a small crack, any damaged products should be removed, replaced or repaired as a matter of urgency. Anything that could cause harm should immediately be taken away from the space until you can sort it.

If it is too big or heavy to move, you may have to stop your sensory room sessions until it’s sorted.

Most broken equipment will require the attention of our technical support advisors. Fill out our form to get in touch.

  1. Check that all of the equipment is operating as it should

Being observant is an important part of maintaining your sensory room. When you perform your inspection, you should also be thinking about:

These are important measures for improving user experience and keeping your room functioning to the best of its ability.

To learn more about how you can maintain our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team. We will be happy to provide you with advice on how you can keep your space in great condition.

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