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Favorite Sensory Lights for Your Sensory Room

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Sensory lights are a great way to light up your world! Light therapy is at the base of every multi-sensory room. By allowing individuals to interact with light they can witness changing effects, cause and effect, and learn about their environment. Light is electromagnetic radiation located on a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Basically light is how we perceive the world. Light can be used in a darkened room to draw attention, to relax or for interaction. Tools can bring light into your environment and encourage calm, focus, attention, and even movement.

Bubble Tube: A bubble tube is often the center of a multi-sensory room. Due to its colorful bubbles, it can draw the attention of even a shy individual. You can place your tube near an outlet or a corner surrounded by mats to allow close interaction. Your bubble tube can change colors and can be used interactively or just to create calm, much like a day near a waterfall.

LED Fiber Optic Softie. Great addition to your sensory light collection.

Fiber Optics: Fiber optics are a terrific portable light source. They can be moved around a room and draped over an individual who is immobile. The changing colors are mesmerizing and they provide a great medium for touch interaction. Fiber optics can be in the form of strands, curtains or tunnels making them highly versatile. Your fiber optic strands will need a light source so be sure to get one when you purchase strands.

Light Spreader: A light spreader is just that, it spreads light. This can allow you to light up an entire area of the room without lighting up the entire room itself. You can spread different colors of the spectrum allowing you to theme your story telling or sensory area.

Designed to aid the development of basic sound and communication skills in a fun and stimulating way.

Light Panel: It’s like a wall that begs to be talked to and when you do, voila! You make the sound and the result is a light show! LED lights are the best as they rarely need to be changed making them practically maintenance free while producing vibrant colors that never fade.

UV Light: UV light is a form of light that uses backlight to glow. These provide a sharp contrast and are excellent for use with more withdrawn or reticent individuals. It can also provide focus for hyperactive persons. Try on some white gloves near the UV light and watch the excitement and fascination abound.

Lumiglo: It’s hands on lighting that reacts to touch. Watch as the lights dance around your hands creating an interactive activity for everyone to enjoy. The Lumiglo Panel is a great way to raise touch, visual, and spatial awareness.

Put your hand on the panel and shine the fiber optic light strand on it, and the shape of your hand remains on the panel for a short while.

Write your name, draw a picture, scribble, play tic-tac-toe… all kinds of games can be played with the Lumiglo Panel.

Sensory lights are a great way to encourage social interaction.



Remember to check the maintenance of your sensory lights regularly to ensure continual use and safety!

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