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Wireless Charging for Interactive Controllers

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Superactive Bubble Tubes now have Qi charging allowing them to charge without being plugged in. This wireless charging saves time and money.

To Qi or not to Qi......that is the question.  Wait.....what?  What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced "Chee") is a wireless inductive charging system, transferring electricity into a device without having to plug it in.  It is beginning to be more common in certain cell phone brands.  Simply set the device down on top of a charging pad, and the wireless charging begins by being in proximity to the pad.

We at Experia are always looking for a way to incorporate promising technologies into our products.  We saw an opportunity with our Superactive product line (Including our popular Superactive Bubble Tube) to add wireless charging to our portfolio.  All of our Superactive product controllers now include Qi charging.  The inductive coil and internal Lithium Polymer battery are inside each controller, and each controller ships complete with a charging pad and USB wall plug.  At the end of each day, just place the controller over the pad and it will charge.  A green LED light will come on to indicate it is charging.

Where do you save money with wireless charging?  No more semi-frequent replacing of batteries.  And, since alkaline batteries are largely not recycled, it saves our landfills from even more material.

Our products that now utilize Qi Charging technology are:

Stay tuned for more, innovative technologies from Experia USA.

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