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Bubble Towers


Experia offers a wide range of Sensory Bubble Towers to fit the needs of your sensory room and clients. Our Sensory Bubble Towers are a key component of any sensory room or environment. They can be used to create a calming effect by creating constantly moving, color changing bubbles that will both sooth and catch the eye. They can also be used for interaction depending on the model chosen - through the use of a wide range of controllers to suit any age or ability.

In a sensory room these stunning bubble towers will grab the user's attention with its mesmerising and colorful bubbling effect. Those who suffer from sensory disorders can benefit from our bubble towers as they are a great way to stimulate and encourage visual development and communication skills.

The light source for our sensory tower range uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), which makes it extremely durable and low maintenance. LEDs have an average life span of 100,000 hours, so it will never "burn out", like a conventional light bulb. LEDs are also much more energy efficient than standard bulbs. Experia USA bubble towers are also extremely quiet with the soothing sound of gently bubbling water being the only noise that comes from them.

Our market leading sensory bubble towers are made in the USA, and are constructed using a very clear and durable acrylic material.  They are available in both calming and interactive modes, and come in a range of sizes suiting any need or budget.

Experia bubble towers have many benefits and can help to improve a wide range of skills such as visual tracking, auditory awareness, social interaction, cause and effect and many more. For a little more information on bubble towers then click here. Alternatively you can call us with any inquiries you have about our bubble towers at 1-800-882-4045 or email us at info@experia-usa.com.