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Calming or Interactive Multisensory Room Equipment?

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With so much multisensory room equipment available, if you step into a multisensory room, what you witness is outstanding. The lights, sounds, music, tones, textures, feel, and scents can be pleasurable, calming, alerting, and have been known to raise endorphin levels. And, for individuals who are challenged by their sensory system, a multisensory room can provide the perfect “diet” for their senses. A multisensory room can be a perfect daily experience for someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's, dementia, sensory processing disorder, or autism.


Environmental Control

At the heart of a sensory room is environmental control. With the right equipment, you can create calming, engaging, receptive, or interactive environments. Agitated clients may do very well with a calming environment, whereas withdrawn clients may do better with a wirelessly controlled Superactive or IRiS room. Let’s take a look at how they differ using a sensory bubble tube as an example.

Bubble Tubes

bubble tubes 

Bubble tubes are often a mainstay in a multisensory room. Their visual, vibrational, and quiet characteristics make them appealing to almost all multisensory rooms. There are many different types, but in general they provide a cascade of colored water and bubbles that is simply mesmerizing and enticing. So, with a bubble tube, for example, you can choose a Calming, Superactive, or IRiS model bubble tube.

What is the difference between “Calming”, “Superactive”, and “IRiS” Multisensory Room Equipment?

CALMING: Calming products are designed to calm and relax individuals in certain settings. Simply plug in the bubble tube (fiber optics or other pieces of multisensory equipment) and enjoy the lighting or sounds as each calming product slowly cycles. With a bubble tube, for example, it will cycle through all the available colors. This is perfect to attract attention, entice calm, or to keep on for multiple clients who may use the room throughout the day.

SUPERACTIVE: Superactive products allow the user a wonderful level of interaction and control over their environment and the equipment in the room.  All Superactive products can be controlled with a standard 8 or 9 button wireless controller or the Maze Controller! The standard octagon-shaped wireless controller is included with all Superactive products unless otherwise specified, or you can order both controllers. Note: All Superactive equipment can also be used in Calming mode.

IRiS: The IRiS Wireless Sensory Products are exclusive to Experia. These allow you to take full control of your sensory room with the IRiS Wireless Sensory Products range. IRiS Products use the latest technology to allow any IRiS Talker to control any IRiS listener.

What are IRiS Talkers and Listeners?

jellyfish sensory light 

Talker is our word for a controller.  They are sending signals to the Listeners to change colors or make a sound.  They are Talking to the Listeners.  Talkers include the Color Selector, Qube, Balance Beam, and many more. Pair any Talker with one or more pieces of IRiS sensory equipment (Listeners) to help create stimulating interactive multisensory environments for your users! Each controller has been specifically designed for special needs to improve skills such as color recognition, gross and fine motor skills, and cause & effect.

We call the products that light up and change colors, or create sound "Listeners".  This includes bubble tubes, fiber optics, recordable speakers, and more.  They are Listeners because they are listening for a signal from a Talker (wireless controller). Note: All IRiS equipment can also be used in Calming mode.

The Choice is Yours

hand on sensory wall 

So, you can choose how you set up your room and use it to fit the needs of those you serve. You can also combine pieces of sensory equipment with varying levels of interactivity, so parts of the room are Superactive, Calming, or used with the IRiS system.

Questions? We're here to help! Just reach out to us and let us help you select the perfect sensory equipment for your space.

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