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IRiS: Your Multisensory Room Assistant

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Please meet IRiS, your multisensory room assistant. As you enter a multisensory room, you might just be greeted with a visual delight such as bubble tubes, fiber optics, projected images on the wall, interactive boards, and other interactive pieces of equipment that stimulate, calm, and integrate the senses.


We are aware of the positive effects of a multisensory room on the mind of someone with Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Autism, anxiety, and most neurologically involved individuals. What you may not know is that your multisensory room could be controlled by someone, or rather something, named IRiS.


IRiS, Your Multisensory Room Assistant

Ok, so IRiS may not be your mom, friend, or office help, but IRiS is your wireless personal assistant ready to work on command and perform like no other piece(s) of wireless equipment. She will dazzle your eyes and make music for your ears in ways you cannot imagine.


Please Meet IRiS, Your Multisensory Room Assistant!

IRiS is a wireless interactive system that allows multisensory room equipment to talk and listen to each other much like a voice and a set of ears. I like to think of IRiS as a group therapy leader, encouraging each participant (piece of sensory equipment) to be heard and able to participate in the group (multisensory room experience).  IRiS can control just about any piece of equipment with seamless ease and enable you to have just one switch for everything in your room, or multiple switches paired to individual pieces of equipment.


IRiS Will Allow Your Talkers To Talk

'Talker' is the word we use for a wireless controller.  The controller sends signals to the Listeners (see below) to change colors or make a sound.  Talkers include tools such as a Color Selector or Qube.  Because there are so many options of Talkers to control your IRiS Listeners, they are typically sold separately.  If you want to purchase them together, you can select an IRiS Bundle.


IRiS Will Encourage Your Listeners To Listen

We call the products that light up and change colors, or create sound 'Listeners'.  This would include bubble tubes, fiber optics, infinity tunnels, touch walls, and more!  They are Listeners because they are listening for a signal from a controller.


It’s A Flexible Multisensory Option

The beauty of the IRiS system is that one Talker can control many, many Listeners.  OR, depending on your needs and budget, you can have a room with several Talkers, each controlling a different Listener.  It is this one-to-many or one-to-one flexibility that makes the IRiS system so unique!


Get The IRiS+ App!

With the FREE IRiS+ App you can use your existing iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (not included) to wirelessly control IRiS equipment (requires an iConvertor to make it function with your existing IRiS Equipment).

The IRiS+ App combines all controllers into one allowing users to interact with Listeners using 7 switches including sound, touch, vibration, and movement. This unique app opens up a whole new world of learning and development and is the most advanced control switch on the market.

Much of the equipment in a multisensory room will have switches to allow for interaction between the user and the equipment. And most multisensory rooms can give you the wow factor. But with the IRiS+ App and iConverter in the room, you can easily control all pieces with one interface. IRiS+, maybe just about the most helpful tool you can add to this phenomenal experience. And, if you can bring an environment into the palm of your hand and impact someone in need for the better, then something outstanding might just occur. IRiS may be the conduit between passive and active, or withdrawn and engaged.







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